The natural evolution of decentralized trading

Prometheus boasts an industrial-level trading suite that is the next evolution of DeFi transacting. Users are able to effortlessly, seamlessly and quickly find, research, buy and snipe a coin with less than a handful of clicks.

Every second counts within
this industry...

All tokens deployed on-chain are indexed within the Prometheus dapp instantaneously with a bird's-eye view of token information displayed with it so that the user is able to quickly research and decide on whether or not to buy into the project without leaving the page or wasting time doing manual research.

When functionality meets technicality, magic happens...

Through the usage of private nodes selectable by the user (including bloXroute) and the ability to 1-click instant-buy without having to confirm transactions, users are able to see a project they like, research it completely and thoroughly, and buy instantaneously with a private transaction all within a handful of seconds. All without leaving the page

Elevated decision-making
speed with Prometheus.

Instantaneous and intuitive researching, trading, and sniping.

10x faster than trading and sniping with Telegram-based tools such as Unibot.

100x more powerful than current market participants.

Combine information sources with ease through the Prometheus live feed.

Users are able to scrape information from sources such as Telegram, Discord, and Twitter to be combined in their live feed along with newly-deployed coins so there is no longer a need to switch between different websites and apps.

Find, research, buy and snipe in seconds

Community is important..

That's why we'll be creating a powerful revenue sharing module for holders of the coin. Holders will receive 40% of total volume traded on the Prometheus DApp and 5% of the total taxes accumulated from volume.

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